Big Daddy Progress #3

Meanwhile in frustratingville….

Wow this tank is giving me some serious issues. I made the crochet tank really easily. Once I found the mini M&M tube it was magic. I crochet around that tube to make the tank and then did it again smaller for the other part of the tank. The tank is the battery housing so it needed that extra structure since it couldn’t be stuffed.

Then I bought a brown zipper and attached it by hand inside of each little tank piece. Done!

For the valve I glued wires bent into an L on the top of the M&M tube so the valve would be secured inside of the crochet without having to do anything strange. Then I could just poke the wires through the top and then crochet over them. The wire created the cross bars of the knob. I just had to crochet over them. I actually ended up technically knitting over them. I did a cast-on for each little bar! haha! Worked out well.



For the red knob I made a crochet cord and then slowly worked a wire through the middle and then bent it into shape. Then I needed to twist the wire on itself and stitch over the little bit that peaked out.

I bent each of the gray wires up at a 90 degree angle and fed them through the red yarn so I could twist each one around the red’s wire to secure the crossbars to the knob.

The electrical side gave me some issues.

I used the M&M tube lid to secure the switches. I made a little housing for them and filled it up with hot glue so they’d be super solid.


A post broke off one of my switches so I had to take the whole thing apart and replace it. Then the hot glue kept getting into the switch. I had to tape the switch up to keep the glue from getting inside of it. It was a hot glue mess! The hot glue melted the first housing so I had to cut a new one. Oy. Finally got it all done and tested so it *should* work. I’m really hoping it does.



Tomorrow I’m going to make a skeleton for him so hopefully he’ll stand on his own. I took all of his limbs off today. That was a pain in the butt so I’m hoping it’ll be worth it tomorrow. I really want him to stand on his own!


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