Big Daddy Progress #2

Ran into some difficulties with his hand. The way I planned on making his glove didn’t turn out well at all. I managed to come up with something great though! I’m very happy with it. I didn’t want to sew each individual finger on like I did with Baymax and I didn’t want to do the tiny rounds like my minion. I came up with something similar to the TMNT. You don’t have to cut your yarn until the entire hand is finished, fingers and all.


I have the arm pretty much figured out now. I need to make up the other arm and then figure out the drill for that hand. I’m hoping the drill is easy. I hope to finish both arms and legs tomorrow. Then I’ll need to do everything I can before placing the head since I still have to figure out where and how to hide that battery pack. I’m thinking it’ll tuck nicely into the tank on his back. I’ll have to feed the wires through his body and then sew his head on. I am super looking forward to seeing him done!


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