Big Daddy Progress #1


The very first thing I had to figure out with Big Daddy was whether or not I could light up his face. I wanted something epic and lights in his face would be pretty epic.

How the heck do you put holes into crochet?! My first prototype was just a crochet head that I planned on pushing lights through but the crochet was too tight. Next I tried to make button holes and line those up in the correct pattern which might have worked but it was impossibly hard. Eventually I had my eureka moment and made a bunch of open magic rings to sew together.

Once I figure out the magic ring trick I just had to adjust the size of my magic rings and my hook to get the right size helmet.

All 8 magic rings sewn together to make the portholes in his helmet.

The next problem I ran into was how do I turn this into a half sphere??

My solution was to crochet around the perimeter equally to create a guide for where I wanted my sphere to be. So what I did was single crochet across the tops of the circles and then chain between the gaps making sure to keep everything even so it made a nice rounded shape. I essentially created a guide to fill in the holes. I made some tiny crochet square patches and sewed them into the square holes. Then I crocheted in the triangle spaces with tiny crochet triangles. All of the leftover holes I sewed closed and magically I had a half sphere face. You can see what all of that looked like below in the lit face.

With the solid face I could then just single crochet around that initial chain I did. I was careful to keep my stitches even and go around like normal from there.

On to the engineering side! Lights!

I needed to create some kind of lens to fill the holes with. Well hot glue is a great diffuser but needs a mold. I found a plastic straw that happened to be the perfect size of the holes and wrapped it in foil to create a mold of sorts. Then I could fill that foil tube up with hot glue and set it to harden. I picked it up slightly to let some hot glue ooze out to create a base.


Peeling the foil off was a pain in the butt but I managed to pick most of the foil off of each little “eye”. After they were all de-foiled I trimmed them down to fit flush with the crochet. The base I made kept them from just popping right out.

Before I could secure them all into place I had to keep the light from escaping through the crochet fabric. I decided to line the inside of the head in foil. After it was all lined I could fill the whole thing with hot glue. It was actually really fun filling it up with hot glue 😀


Next up, lights! Yay!!!

I bought some ridiculously bright LEDs and a on-off-on switch so I can have a yellow light and a red light. The prototype worked out well so this was exciting!


The lights were all soldered nicely with a 2 AAA battery pack and a 47ohm resistor for each light. I installed the lights by…. MORE HOT GLUE! Hot glue is my friend. They work beautifully. Better than I imagined.



His body is next!


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