Big Daddy Progress #3

Meanwhile in frustratingville….

Wow this tank is giving me some serious issues. I made the crochet tank really easily. Once I found the mini M&M tube it was magic. I crochet around that tube to make the tank and then did it again smaller for the other part of the tank. The tank is the battery housing so it needed that extra structure since it couldn’t be stuffed.

Then I bought a brown zipper and attached it by hand inside of each little tank piece. Done!

For the valve I glued wires bent into an L on the top of the M&M tube so the valve would be secured inside of the crochet without having to do anything strange. Then I could just poke the wires through the top and then crochet over them. The wire created the cross bars of the knob. I just had to crochet over them. I actually ended up technically knitting over them. I did a cast-on for each little bar! haha! Worked out well.



For the red knob I made a crochet cord and then slowly worked a wire through the middle and then bent it into shape. Then I needed to twist the wire on itself and stitch over the little bit that peaked out.

I bent each of the gray wires up at a 90 degree angle and fed them through the red yarn so I could twist each one around the red’s wire to secure the crossbars to the knob.

The electrical side gave me some issues.

I used the M&M tube lid to secure the switches. I made a little housing for them and filled it up with hot glue so they’d be super solid.


A post broke off one of my switches so I had to take the whole thing apart and replace it. Then the hot glue kept getting into the switch. I had to tape the switch up to keep the glue from getting inside of it. It was a hot glue mess! The hot glue melted the first housing so I had to cut a new one. Oy. Finally got it all done and tested so it *should* work. I’m really hoping it does.



Tomorrow I’m going to make a skeleton for him so hopefully he’ll stand on his own. I took all of his limbs off today. That was a pain in the butt so I’m hoping it’ll be worth it tomorrow. I really want him to stand on his own!


Big Daddy Progress #2

Ran into some difficulties with his hand. The way I planned on making his glove didn’t turn out well at all. I managed to come up with something great though! I’m very happy with it. I didn’t want to sew each individual finger on like I did with Baymax and I didn’t want to do the tiny rounds like my minion. I came up with something similar to the TMNT. You don’t have to cut your yarn until the entire hand is finished, fingers and all.


I have the arm pretty much figured out now. I need to make up the other arm and then figure out the drill for that hand. I’m hoping the drill is easy. I hope to finish both arms and legs tomorrow. Then I’ll need to do everything I can before placing the head since I still have to figure out where and how to hide that battery pack. I’m thinking it’ll tuck nicely into the tank on his back. I’ll have to feed the wires through his body and then sew his head on. I am super looking forward to seeing him done!

Big Daddy Progress #1


The very first thing I had to figure out with Big Daddy was whether or not I could light up his face. I wanted something epic and lights in his face would be pretty epic.

How the heck do you put holes into crochet?! My first prototype was just a crochet head that I planned on pushing lights through but the crochet was too tight. Next I tried to make button holes and line those up in the correct pattern which might have worked but it was impossibly hard. Eventually I had my eureka moment and made a bunch of open magic rings to sew together.

Once I figure out the magic ring trick I just had to adjust the size of my magic rings and my hook to get the right size helmet.

All 8 magic rings sewn together to make the portholes in his helmet.

The next problem I ran into was how do I turn this into a half sphere??

My solution was to crochet around the perimeter equally to create a guide for where I wanted my sphere to be. So what I did was single crochet across the tops of the circles and then chain between the gaps making sure to keep everything even so it made a nice rounded shape. I essentially created a guide to fill in the holes. I made some tiny crochet square patches and sewed them into the square holes. Then I crocheted in the triangle spaces with tiny crochet triangles. All of the leftover holes I sewed closed and magically I had a half sphere face. You can see what all of that looked like below in the lit face.

With the solid face I could then just single crochet around that initial chain I did. I was careful to keep my stitches even and go around like normal from there.

On to the engineering side! Lights!

I needed to create some kind of lens to fill the holes with. Well hot glue is a great diffuser but needs a mold. I found a plastic straw that happened to be the perfect size of the holes and wrapped it in foil to create a mold of sorts. Then I could fill that foil tube up with hot glue and set it to harden. I picked it up slightly to let some hot glue ooze out to create a base.


Peeling the foil off was a pain in the butt but I managed to pick most of the foil off of each little “eye”. After they were all de-foiled I trimmed them down to fit flush with the crochet. The base I made kept them from just popping right out.

Before I could secure them all into place I had to keep the light from escaping through the crochet fabric. I decided to line the inside of the head in foil. After it was all lined I could fill the whole thing with hot glue. It was actually really fun filling it up with hot glue 😀


Next up, lights! Yay!!!

I bought some ridiculously bright LEDs and a on-off-on switch so I can have a yellow light and a red light. The prototype worked out well so this was exciting!


The lights were all soldered nicely with a 2 AAA battery pack and a 47ohm resistor for each light. I installed the lights by…. MORE HOT GLUE! Hot glue is my friend. They work beautifully. Better than I imagined.



His body is next!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles



worsted weight yarn in green, golden yellow, light brown, and one of (purple, red, orange, or blue).
tapestry needle
safety eyes
3.75mm hook (size not important, use whatever crochets tightly)

mr: magic ring (example “mr 4” means 4sc inside a mr)
sc: single crochet
inc: increase
dec: decrease
blo: back loop only
hdc: half double crochet
sl st: slip stitch
f/o: fasten-off

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Download PDF:

Round 1: mr 7
Round 2: inc around (14)
Round 3: (sc, inc) around (21)
Round 4: (2sc, inc) around (28)
Round 5: (3sc, inc) around (35)
Round 6-10: sc around (5 rounds) (35)
Round 11: 10sc, 15inc, 10sc (50)
Round 12-13: sc around (2 rounds) (50)
Round 14: (3sc, dec) around (40)
Round 15: (2sc, dec) around (30)
Round 16: (sc, dec) around (20)
Round 17: dec around (10)
Round 18: sc around (10)
f/o, use tail to sew hole closed

ch enough to go around head with plenty to tie
Row 1-2: sc across, turn (2 rows)

The tails (that you tie) of the mask will be tapered so you need to find where the mask lays against the head and where the tails will be.

Row 3: sl st the tail, sc across, sl st tail

Make 2
round 1: mr 8
round 2: (sc, inc) around
round 3: blo sc around
round 4-15: sc around (12 rounds)
sl st f/o first leg only

Second leg, ch 2, remove from hook. Insert hook into a stitch from the first leg and pull through the ch 2 loop.


Continuing from the legs (legs and the body are one piece). You will have to manipulate the legs to start round one in the ch 2. Ignore the direction of the hook in the picture.

Round 1: ch 1, sc around including 2 sc in ch 2 on both sides so it will be: 2 in ch 2, 12sc around, 2 in ch 2, 12sc around) (28)
Round 2-3: sc around (2 rounds) (28)
Round 4: 2sc, inc, 2sc, inc, 18sc, inc, 2sc, inc (32)
Round 5-7: sc around (3 rounds) (32)
Round 8: 2sc, inc, 2sc, inc, 22sc, inc, 2sc, inc (36)
Round 9-14: sc around (6 rounds) (36)
Round 15: 3sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 16sc, dec, 3sc, dec (32)
Round 16: 10sc, dec, 14sc, dec, 4sc (30)
Round 17: 10sc, dec, 13sc, dec, 3sc (28)
Round 18: 10sc, dec, 12sc, dec, 2sc (26)
Round 19: 10sc, dec, 11sc, dec, sc (24)
Round 20: (2sc, dec) around (18)
Round 21: (sc, dec) around (12)
Round 22: sc around (12)
sl st f/o

Make 2
Round 1: mr 6
Round 2: inc around (12)
Round 3-6: sc around (4 rounds) (12)
Round 7: 3dec, 4sc, dec (8)
Round 8: (sc, inc) around (12)
Round 9-11: sc around (3 rounds) (12)
Round 12: (sc, dec) around (8)
Round 13: (3sc, inc) around (10)
Round 14-17: sc around (4 rounds) (10)
Round 18: dec around (5)

flatten arm and sc through both layers (3sc)
ch 3, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next ch, sl st to 1st sc along the hand
repeat for 2nd finger, sl st into 2nd sc along the hand
repeat for 3rd finger, sl st into 3rd sc along the hand

(modified from WolfDreamer)
Make 2
Round 1: mr 6
Round 2-3: sc around (2 rounds) (6)
Round 4: inc around (12)
Round 5-6: sc around (2 rounds) (12)
Flatten foot and sc across top through both sides (6sc), turn
sc in next 3, turn
sc in next 3, turn
sl st across 3, down toe, and into beginning of foot
sc in next 3, turn
sc in next 3, turn
sl st across 3

Row 1: ch 3, from 2nd ch 2sc across, ch 1, turn (2)
Row 2-7: inc first and last stitch with sc in-between, ch 1, turn (6 rows)
Row 8-17: sc across (10 rounds) (14)
Row 18: sc, dec, 3sc, sl st 2, 3sc, dec, sc (12)
Row 19: hdc, dec, 2hdc, sl st 2, 2hdc, dec, hdc (10)

Round 1: mr 8
Round 2: inc around (16)
Round 3: 2inc, 4sc, 4inc, 4sc, 2inc (24)
Round 4: sc around (24)
Round 5: 2inc, 8sc, 4inc, 8sc, 2inc (32)
Round 6: sc around (32)
Round 7: 2inc, 12sc, 4inc, 12sc, 2inc (40)
Round 8: sc around (40)
sl st f/o

Shell Rim
ch 3
Row 1: sc 2nd from hook sc across, ch 1, turn (2)
Row 2: repeat 2sc, ch 1, turn until long enough to go around shell. (2)

Elbow Straps
Make 2
ch 3
Row 1: 2nd ch from hook sc across, ch 1, turn (2)
Row 2: sc across (2)
repeat until long enough to go around elbow

Knee Straps
Make 2
ch 4
Row 1: 2nd ch from hook sc across, ch 1, turn (3)
Row 2: sc across (3)
repeat until long enough to go around knee

Waist Strap
ch enough to go around the waist, over the shell, and tie in the front
Row 1: 2nd ch from hook sc across


Place the headband on the face and poke the safety eyes through both the headband and the head. Secure the eyes. Secure the headband with a few stitches.

The front of the body is the side with the increases, more round than the back side.

Sew the belly piece onto the front of the turtle. The bottom goes slightly between the legs. Pinning in place helps immensely.

Sew the shell onto the back. Again pinning helps! Leave a small opening to stuff before finishing. Sew the shell rim onto the shell where it meets his body.

Sew the arms on either side of the body slightly lower than the neck opening. Easier to do without the head attached.

Sew the feet onto the bottom of the legs.

Place the arm and leg bands on one at a time. Sew the ends together and then secure them into place.

Place a stitch in the waist band on the back of the shell to secure it to the turtle.